The most common mistakes in game of chess


Chess might be a pleasant and quiet game but the truth is that the game demands good strategy and anticipation for reading your opponents movements. The board game requires practice and dedication every day in order to master it. For beginners, chess might look confusing since the existence of thousands of possibilities for a simple piece but the classic mistakes for rookies are overthinking, rushing and overprotecting the most valuable piece known as the king. The game is not about moving pieces only; it requires a strategy that can be divided into three parts: opening, middle and ending. Here you can find the common mistakes that you should avoid as a beginner in the game.Chess is originally originated from India but many people believes that it is originated from China in the 6th Century, If you are planning your next trip and also fond of Chess, you can select cheap European vacation packages here.

Opening game

The most important part of the game where rookies must take into consideration three essential aspects:
• To control the center of the board.
• To develop minor pieces.
• To protect the king as soon as possible.

Amateurs should avoid the following mistakes:

1. Using too many moves with pawns.
Chess beginners often use too many moves at the beginning but the idea is to use few moves with the pawns in order to control the center of the board since it is a fundamental goal. The consequence of it does not let the bishops and knights development and an exposure of the king.The most common mistakes in game of chess
2. Developing the queen first.
As we learn more about the game, we understand that the queen is the most powerful piece which makes us develop it faster than bishops or knights. When we do such mistake we are most likely to expose the queen and giving the chance to the other player the time to develop better moves that can threaten our queen.
3. Keeping the king in the center.
As we mentioned before the king´s safety is one of the main goals for a perfect opening. What you need to keep in mind is to castle the king as soon as you can.
With an excellent opening, we would have the opportunity to develop our strategy during the second phase which is the middle game in order to reach the victory. Take into consideration the following advices to avoid common mistake during the middle game.
1. Having pieces unprotected.
In chess, piece coordination is crucial for victory. Leaving unprotected pieces will lead you to defeat since the opponent can take advantage from this, the best you can do is to protect as many pieces you can with the purpose of make them work as a team where they can support each other protecting their blind points.
2. Not using the rooks.
A frequent mistake is leaving the one rook in their original position. What you need to do is to use them move forward behind the most develop pawns so the strategy becomes stronger and the queen can move within the area.
3. Weakening the king.
It is necessary to keep the king safe during the game so maintaining the pieces near the king in order to prevent an attack is imperative. Avoid double castling the king during the game.

Ending game.

1. Not using the king.
During the ending phase is necessary to activate the king. Most players forget about the fact the king needs to take an active role after most of the opponent´s pieces are out of the board and possible threats are no longer dangerous.

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